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Guided Learning Hours: 120

Developing you is the first step towards successful career ahead. It involves transforming your attitudes, behavior and skills to enhance your strength and minimize your weakness. In other words, shaping your personality to grow and excel as a person.

The key elements of self-development are:
  • Knowing and improving your personality
  • Managing your time well
  • Developing effective leadership skills
  • Improving your interpersonal behavior.

This module will enable you to develop knowledge and practical skills for the above areas. So that you are well on the way to developing yourself.

Through these classes the learner will:

Understand the various aspects of personality development

Investigate factors that contribute to personality development

Explore methods for improving time management

Learn to develop leadership skill for specific situations.

Develop his/her communications skills by exploring the various types of communication methods.

Understand the barriers to effective communication

Understand the importance of projecting a positive image

Examine the interview process to help the students do well in interviews.

Understand the importance of patient service.